Saturday, December 7, 2013


I wrote this on November 17th.  Took me this long to make the video.  Sorry!

Well, it's finally happened. I wasn't sure myself that it would, but it has. Twin number two is finished. Here's why it took so long.

I suck at finishing. Which is to say, I suck at applying finish to completed guitars. I've tried everything. Spraying, brushing, wiping, water-based, oil-based, varnish...everything. And the one lesson that keeps coming back to me is that I am no good at it.

I had this genius idea that automotive clear coat would make a great, and easy finish for this guitar. I got out my compressor and spray gun, and sprayed the snot out of that guitar. Some of it took really nice. Some parts looked gross. Some areas were soft and gummy. Mostly it was a mess.

So, that poor guitar had to sit around in gooey misery until I could find the gumption to scrape it all to bare wood and start over (I really wanted to say 'start the finish over' here, but I didn't). (You're welcome.) That happened last week. I spent a full day scraping and sanding, taping and staining, until I got it ready for its final finish. After a great deal of labor, I now have a guitar that I can call done.

And now, after making you wait, ever so patiently (for more than a year!), here are the twins. I'm playing the same song with each of them so you can hear the difference. Listen for the bass in particular. The deeper bodied guitar will have a much stronger bass response. It'll also be the louder of the two, just due to the depth of the body. One thing that remains the same between the two will be the crisp, woody tone from the cedar top reflecting off the Honduran mahogany body.  


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