Monday, January 6, 2014



Last week another Colorado teen died of a gunshot wound to the head.  She was killed by an angry boy who was incapable of dealing with disappointment--one of the most basic of human feelings.  What's worse is that she had nothing to do with him or his disappointment.  She simply had the bad luck to be the first one he saw when he entered the school.

Claire Davis was the latest in a string of innocent victims of a legal gun shooting.  Yeah, legal. Nope, it wasn't the legal gun that pulled the trigger.  It was the kid whose parents allowed acting out as appropriate behavior. It was the kid who'd been coached by his community that purchasing a shotgun was not only okay, but a necessary rite of passage.

So let’s just tally up the damage just in our pretty little state, shall we?  The birthplace of school shootings, the mother of all legally-purchased-gun-massacres: Columbine high school.  Body count:  Fourteen, students and one teacher.  Twenty-four students injured.  Number of legally purchased guns involved: 2 shotguns (modified by the shooters), one 9mm rifle and one 9mm handgun.  Next up, Aurora's Batman theater premier.  Number of legally purchased guns involved: One 12 gauge shotgun, one semi-automatic rifle and one 40 caliber handgun.  Body count: Twelve killed, seventy injured.  

And now Claire and Karl. And yes, people, this shooter was a victim too. His community taught him that murdering his classmates is an acceptable means of self-expression, but only if he blows his own head off when he's bored and tired at the end of his rampage. This is an entertainment-driven world, after all. Be sure to rob us of any sense of justice, so we won't have to suffer through another trial.

Okay, so who's responsible for these legally-purchased gun murders?  Premeditated murders?  Yes, Mr. LaPierre, nobody is responsible.  Certainly not the weapon manufacturers.  Certainly not the gun club owners.  Not the supportive community who teaches the youngsters to take out their frustration on other people's lives.  Yeah, we're all clean.  Nobody's responsible.  Whew!

The important thing is safe.  Our Second Amendment rights are safe.  To be honest, that’s more important than the life of any child.  Those Second Amendment rights are more important than security, or sanity or family or any other ridiculous concept. . “From my cold, dead hands.”  Oh yeah.

So what's a community to do?  How can we stop the carnage (but only the carnage in Colorado.  Carnage in other people's states is TOTALLY okay) without ceding one single Second Amendment gain from the past two decades?  Step one: Refuse, REFUSE to acknowledge that the ease of legal gun purchase is the root of the problem.  Because it isn't.  Right?  Step two: Who cares?  Step one just covered it all.  End of discussion.  Right?

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