Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year to one and all! Sorry, I've been busy with the holidays and have neglected my blogging duties. But I've at least been busy with guitar making. Let me show you what I've been doing.
On the left is a basic neck blank. Nothing more than a block of wood. I have some dressing to do to make it into a neck blank. Right next to it is a dressed neck blank with the shallow cut that makes the headstock.
Up top in this photo I have a glued-up headstock with a veneer (the veneer is not just to make it pretty--it makes the joint stronger). The one below that shows the headstock shaping. Starting to look like what a guitar neck's supposed to look like.
Here is a big glue-up process. I put cherry 'ears' on the outside of the headstock--just a decoration.
I haven't yet gotten to this step, but this neck has the blocks in place for the neck-heel glue-up. Once that chunk's all glued together, I can carve the heel. Next, I'll flip it over and glue a fingerboard to the face of the neck. Some final trimming and carving, and I'll have a completed neck.
I've got six necks going right now. Four steel string necks, and two nylon string (they're different). Three of the steel string necks will be used with the wood I showed you pictures of a couple of months ago.
When I get started on those bodies, I'll take some more pictures and post 'em for you. Then you can see some more of the whole process of hand-building a guitar.
Have a great 2014!

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