Friday, February 28, 2014



       Picking up where we left off so very long ago, here's the continued evolution of guitar #D-014. After cutting the back to shape, I inlaid a decorative backstrip. Here it is laying flat on top of the body:

      Next up comes the bracing. In this photo, I've rough-carved three of the braces, and I'm gluing the fourth in place. The mold I'm gluing them in is dish shaped--just like the sandpaper-covered one in the background. Gluing the shaped brace into a concave mold leaves the back arched and curved.

       The ID plate:

      Tough day at work. West winds caused a backup on the west runway. 45 minute sit that day, just waiting to takeoff. (Sometimes I have to earn a living in between guitar building projects...)

      Here are the back braces, all installed and shaped. I paint the inside pieces of the guitar with shellac to discourage movement due to moisture. You can see where I've gone back around the edge with a scraper to clean it up for a positive glue contact with the guitar body.

      Sound box all glued up and ready for sanding:

      Here's the sound box as of this morning. It has been sanded and polished to a fine sheen. Yesterday I applied the first of three coats of epoxy filler. Today I'll knock it down with #0000 steel wool and apply the next two coats. Then, it's off to build the Striped Ebony soundbox, and then the Bubinga sound box.  Then I can concentrate on the heart and soul of these guitars: The top.

      Thanks for checking in! I'll have more photos as I progress....

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