Thursday, February 6, 2014

Good days

Good days

      It has been a good couple of days. I'm fianlly back in the shop and doing more guitar work. Here's a few pics:


      This one show's the necks in different stages of completion. The far one has the airplane inlay, and is about as carved as I can make it at present. The middle one has the airplane and the 'ears', and the last one has yet to be worked on.

      This one shows the other end of the necks in progress.  The far one is the most progressed, the near on the least. If you blow up the pic, you can see the markings for my cuts.

      Now we're getting into some stuff: As you can see, I've thinned out the body materials and bent the sides. I'll show you what the wood blocks are in a few pictures.

      Here's the African Blackwood guitar. I've never worked with it, so I have to go on what I've heard. What I've heard is that this wood rings like glass. That could be really cool, or really irritating. So I decided to take the ring down a notch, and line the inside with Spanish Cedar veneer. I've done this before, and have been very pleased with the resulting sound. (Right Jim?)

      Here I'm trimming the ends of the sides flush with the mold. (This one's the Striped Ebony--incredibly pretty!)

      Here's the layout with the blocks in place.

      Clamp city!  I'm clamping the lining to the edge of the side. It strengthens the side and gives me a nice wide surface to glue the top and back to.

      This is actually a pretty decent shot. It shows the bottom block being glued in place. Rather than try to edge-glue two very thin pieces of wood together, the block is used as a gluing surface as well as a structural re-inforcement (something to land on when you drop the guitar...).

      So that's where I'm at as of now. Hopefully I'll have more pics of my progress soon!

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  1. Right! I think it adds the right amnt of projection....


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