Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Too Long

Too Long
      So what's it been?  Like a year since I've updated this blog?  Sorry about that. Life....   You know. It's certainly not like I've been inactive or anything.  How about I pick up where I left off so long ago?  (That ought to give me at least a few weeks' blogs-worth!)
     Here's a bunch of pics of one of the three guitars I was working on all last year:
      These are the three tops for the guitars. They're all in different stages of bracing. Mostly this is to show the structure of the top. It's what keeps the guitar from blowing up when you put strings on it.
    This is the body of the finished guitar. Pretty!
     So, thanks for bearing with me on my little sabbatical.  I'll attempt to get better in the coming year regarding these posts...  You know how that goes.  And thanks for stopping by.  Always good to see traffic on the blog! 

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